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Germany, Spain, Singapore and 21 other countries announced the suspension of China service!

Deutsche post has suspended shipments of parcels to China

On February 13th Deutsche Post announced that it would stop shipping parcels to China, but would continue to offer parcel deliveries to Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan.

New Zealand post announced it was suspending operations in China

On February 18, NZ Post announced that it would suspend mail shipments to China due to a new outbreak of coronary pneumonia in China.

New Zealand post said its partner airlines had suspended flights to China, meaning it would stop receiving letters, parcels or EMS speedpost. However, International Express shipments to some parts of China are still available.

"Due to force majeure, New Zealand post has announced that it will cease to accept letters, parcels and speedpost items addressed to China until sufficient shipping capacity is available," the notice said.

New Zealand post stressed that items entering New Zealand from China would still be processed in New Zealand. According to the world health organization, the new coronavirus does not survive on objects for long, so it is safe to receive mail from China.

New Zealand post said that despite the WHO recommendations, China post had taken steps "to ensure the safety of mail processing and postal personnel", including disinfection of post offices, processing centres and transport vehicles, as well as monitoring the health of postal staff.

Mail to these countries is also affected. In addition, mail from New Zealand but through China will also be affected.

Ukraine post has suspended receiving mail from China

According to the authoritative information of the economic and commercial counsellor's office of the Chinese embassy in Ukraine, the coronavirus has greatly reduced the number of flights to China.

However, it stressed that mail received before February 11 will continue to be delivered, but the timing of delivery may change.

Affects the postal parcel hook business

On February 16, a number of people in the logistics industry said that, in a sign behind the move, 80-90 per cent of cross-border logistics business in mainland China would be shut down.

In response, China post officials recently also told the media: "the above areas to the mainland of China's mail business will indeed be affected.

Not only that, but all businesses linked to postal parcels will be affected, which means that other express delivery companies in China will also be affected if they intersect with China post in relevant cross-border business."

According to the information released by China post, the main reason for the suspension of business is that airlines in the above-mentioned countries or regions cooperating with China post have suspended flights to the mainland of China. Therefore, all kinds of mail services in the mainland of China will be suspended.

Delivery costs have pushed up

It is learned that DHL, UPS and other companies have not suspended international business to the Chinese mainland, but the high price may make many consumers prohibitive. By contrast, China post's cross-border business is built on the upu network at a relatively modest price.

The suspension of China post's operations in these countries or regions means that 80-90% of the cross-border logistics business in mainland China will be seriously challenged, according to a senior logistics industry source.

"The advantage of small postal parcels is that they are cheap, so most of the cross-border e-commerce business in China is based on this," the source explained. "although consumers can still choose international express companies, their high prices will deter them."

In addition, dozens of airlines have recently suspended operations in mainland China, while seaborne business has surged and prices have shown signs of doubling, according to an industry source at an offshore trading company. But some domestic airlines still have capacity, but fewer flights.

In response to the massive suspension of postal services, some industry insiders said that China's cross-border logistics business will face major challenges for the time being.