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Another container drowning accident: 9 containers have been found and 12 are still searching!

It is reported that another container accident occurred.

Hawaii-based shipping company Young Brothers (YB) confirmed that in the early hours of June 22 local time, the company's container ship "Ho Omaka Hou" was about 8 miles north of Hilo Harbor and there were at least about 21 ships on board. The container fell into the sea from the ship.

At the time of the accident, the barge Ho Omaka Hou was sailing from Honolulu to the port of Hilo, and the crew realized that the container had been lost after berthing in Hilo.

Several 40-foot-long containers dropped into the water. Of the 21 containers confirmed to have fallen into the sea, 9 have been found, and 12 are still missing. According to reports by the US Coast Guard, the container drifted about 8 miles north of Port Hilo, and one container drifted in Port Hilo.

The cause of the accident is unclear, and the US Coast Guard is still investigating the incident.

Shipping company Young Brothers (YB) said: "We are working with the US Coast Guard and other federal and state agencies to actively participate in the rescue to make up for the loss."

"Our team members are doing their best to ensure that the cargo is unloaded from the barge safely." Young Brothers added in the announcement. At the same time, it is confirmed that the sailing schedule of Honolulu to Hilo and other routes is normal and will not be interrupted.

Although Young Brothers stated that "no hazardous substances were discharged into the ocean", the watchman issued a broadcast notice to the crew to remind any vessel in the area to pay close attention to any container that might pose a threat to navigation.

The initial estimate of the loss caused by the sea crash of the container will exceed US$500,000. The US Coast Guard has announced that this is a major marine accident and will investigate this accident with the National Transportation Safety Board. It will take 12 to 18 months to visually inspect carry out.

A senator in the area speculated that the shipper had reduced the number of barge trips to once a week. The accident may have been caused by overloading the barge.

(The article is compiled by the Sohang APP)