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Taking Care of the Cargo More than The Owner. the international logistics nanny for you.

No one expected that in 2020, a sudden epidemic would sweep the world at such a rapid rate. For a few months, all countries in the world were covered by the haze of the epidemic, and people wearing masks were everywhere in the streets. Starting in March after the end of the Chinese blockade, due to the demand for orders in other countries, a large amount of transportation has flowed into air freight, causing air freight rates to skyrocket overnight, which is several times the original air freight rate. DHL, too, can't operate. Until now, the warehouse in Hong Kong, China is still in a state of explosion, and there is no way to get out of stock.

At the end of April, a Tashkent customer needed to transport 2 small boxes of goods to Tashkent. I note that the customers are urgently used machine parts. The guests originally wanted to transport them through DHL. According to our current understanding of the DHL warehouse, the timeliness cannot satisfy the customers. Through our professional logistics experience, we recommend that customers take air transportation, but such small cargo types can only be transported through Hong Kong, so we transported our customers' goods to Hong Kong and transported them to Tashkent through TK Airways.

In the process of shipping, we noticed that Uzbekistan ’s import customs clearance document requirements are required: scanned copy of Chinese customs declaration + original invoice (English-Russian text) + original bill of lading; Therefore, we require the original documents of the guests and suppliers to be confirmed before the supplier ships.

Taking into account that there may be errors in the cargo data provided by the airline company and the supplier, we recommend that the supplier provide blank stamp paper so that we can update the invoice of the bill of lading after obtaining the data of the airline company, so as to achieve the single match. During the verification of the documents, it was found that the customer's customs documents did not match the information on the invoice, and the customs information was updated to the customs in time. The customer was also very surprised. Thank you for our careful inspection of these documents. With the cooperation of the supplier, the goods arrived in Hong Kong in time and arranged the nearest flight. Everything went smoothly.

the shipping is relatively stable. Customers are very grateful to the freight forwarder for handling the goods better than they do, so they will continue to place new orders.

SUNNY WORLDWIDE LOGISTICS, who is Taking Care of the Cargo More than The Owner.has been focusing on the European, American, sea and air transportation to the door for 20 years. The logistics nanny around you.