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A fire on an Ethiopian Airlines plane at Shanghai Pudong International Airport has drawn attention

On the afternoon of July 22, the Ministry of logistics and Commerce of Sunny Worldwide logistics reported that an Ethiopian Airlines plane caught fire at Shanghai Pudong International Airport. This incident instantly became the focus of the whole freight forwarding industry providing air transport services.


According to Sunny Worldwide logistics personnel in-depth understanding, this is a 777 cargo aircraft.



According to the video and pictures exposed on the scene provided by relevant personnel, the tail of the Ethiopian Airlines plane suddenly caught fire, and the whole airport was shrouded in black smoke.


In addition, it can be clearly seen from the picture that a big hole has been burned out in the tail of the aircraft. The aircraft is seriously damaged and may have been scrapped.

At the same time, according to the Shanghai Fire Department, there are no casualties at present.



At the same time, Ethiopian Airlines responded that the Bureau and the airport are conducting corresponding investigations, and the investigation results will be released after the investigation.


According to relevant industry sources, the fire is suspected to be caused by dangerous goods, and there are a large number of masks, ventilators and other anti epidemic materials on the plane.



It is reported that the 777f freighter, registered as et-arh, is five years old and worth about 320 million US dollars.


The plane took off from Brussels Airport at 6:59 p.m. on July 21, and arrived at Shanghai Pudong International Airport at 11:51 p.m. today.


The plane was originally scheduled to take off at Pudong Airport at 4:51 p.m. Beijing time, but due to the accident, security checks at all airports in Shanghai will become more stringent and cargo inspection will be slowed down.


At the same time, the relevant flights of Pudong Airport may be delayed. Here, Sunny Worldwide Logistics warmly reminds the majority of relevant customers that if the delivery time is tight, the air cargo on the near ocean route can be shipped out by sea.

The specific cause of the aircraft fire is still unknown, but according to Sunny Worldwide logistics more than 20 years of experience in freight forwarding, nine out of ten reasons for the aircraft fire were related to the concealment of lithium batteries or other chemicals


It is clearly stipulated in the international air transport that all cargo with liquid, powder, paste and battery must provide transport identification and MSDS air transport identification certificate, which is generally provided by the supplier and reported truthfully. In other words, airlines will not transport such special products without relevant qualification documents.


Often, this kind of accident can be eliminated and avoided, but there are always some people who have a fluke mentality, which results in harm to others and themselves.


Sunny Worldwide logistics also reminds the vast number of suppliers that if your products are equipped with batteries, you must declare them truthfully when they are transported and exported.


 No one can afford the consequences of concealment. If the basic aircraft needs to be scrapped, it will cause the high vigilance of airport and airline companies around the world, and the security inspection will be more strict than before.


To declare goods truthfully is to be responsible to ourselves and to society and industry. In fact, such products with batteries are packaged and insulated according to relevant requirements, and packed and transported in strict accordance with transportation requirements, which can greatly reduce the occurrence of such accidents.