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Besson grow together with Philippine customers

Besson grow together with Philippine customers

Sunny Worldwide freight forwarding, grow together with Philippine customers. It is the value and significance of the existence of Sunny Worldwide freight forwarding.Making money is not about how much, but how much value it can bring.

I won't take such a small client. I won’t take such a low profit customer,Not from Europe or America. I won't take it. I can always hear the complaints of our logistics counterparts in front of me. But for our Sunny World shipping forwarder, we adhere to the principle of customers, no matter big customers or small customers, we are consistent, to provide our most professional services for customers.

I still remember the first time I helped Ms Quimbo, my Philippine customer, to deliver the goods in early March, 2020. At that time, she entrusted us to deliver 8 cartons of goods to the Philippines. I recommended the company's Philippine door to door shipping to her, which saved money and was efficient. I always answer all her questions. The way to answer before she asks wins her trust. Then she entrusted me to ship 26 cartons, 2.5CBM, 600KGS air purifier to Manila for the second time. Everything went well, but when Ms Quimbo received the goods, she found that one carton was damaged. I asked her to check whether the goods were damaged first. If there was any damage, we would make compensation according to the agreement.

Later, She found that the goods were not damaged and did not ask me for compensation.”I'm just one of many small vendors in the Philippines,”she says. “But a big company just like yours (owns 1,800 square grade A offices in Shenzhen) has been so good to me.” in the following days, she give me all her shipping business to me and promise that she will use our service all her life.

  In fact, I didn't do anything earth-shattering, just do my duty. It is my duty to serve customers attentively,  and it is also our Sunny World shipping forwarder’s duty.


 Sunny Worldwide freight forwarding, grow together with Philippine customers.