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Capacity to limit cargo delays, Maersk and Yixing launch new trans-Pacific services to deploy 10 ships

Due to the capacity restrictions of the ports of Los Angeles and Long Beach in Southern California, the United States has severely delayed freight, Maersk has cooperated with Zim and MSC to provide new trans-Pacific services aimed at increasing the capacity of the East Coast of Asia and the United States.

Beginning in May this year, Maersk and Zim will launch a new independent service and deploy 10 ships, 8 of which are from Maersk, Zim will provide 2 ships, and MSC will become a non-vessel operating partner.

The service is called TP23 and will pass through the Panama Canal. The ports of call are: Vung Tau-Yantian-Savannah-Charelston-New York.


Maersk pointed out that the new service will "solve the capacity and scheduling problems that have plagued shippers on the East Coast of Asia and the United States in the past year." On the logistics service network.

Compared with the existing services, the transit time from Yantian to Savannah should be shortened by three to four days, that is, 28-29 days, and the time from Yantian to Charleston will also be 28-29 days, saving a total of seven to eight days .

Maersk added: “The addition of calls in Vietnam provides more capacity for the fast-growing market. In the past two years, Vietnam’s market has grown by 52% and 25%, respectively.”


Narin Phol, Managing Director of Maersk North America, said: “Importers are looking for more US East Coast gateways in their Asian/North American supply chain, while exporters are looking for more containers, especially in the southeastern US. TP23 The service will enable us to meet these needs at the same time in our integrated warehousing and distribution network."

Phol pointed out that Maersk’s goal in 2021 is to help customers develop their businesses through an integrated and efficient supply chain model.

The development of TP23 service reflects Maersk's approach in 2020, which is to upgrade the service and load additional ships to provide services for cargo across the Pacific Ocean to the east coast of the United States.

"TP23 will become a structured and stable weekly service in 2021 with higher reliability."