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Containers are jammed at the port, and the country’s villages pile up containers everywhere

After a long period of congestion in the port, it is reported that the flood of containers in the UK has spread from the country’s ports and distribution centers to towns and villages.

Residents of Melton Village, Suffolk, about 10 miles from the port of Felixstowe, were surprised to find that in the past week, a large number of container trucks appeared on an abandoned land. Containers are stacked here.

Some videos show that there are a large number of container stacks in the village, and it is estimated that there are hundreds of containers on site.


According to reports, approximately 11,000 teu of PPE-containing containers were trapped in Felixstowe’s container yard. A British freight forwarder stated that PPE transportation "cannot enter the National Health Service (NHS) supply network, it is already full". At the same time, Britain’s main container portal is still struggling with the congestion caused by empty containers, and other British ports are also eager for shipping companies to transport empty containers back to Asia to provide services.


Last week, the 974 teu BG cargo dedicated barge ship Elbstrom arrived at the Portico terminal in the southern port. The vessel made a temporary stop at the South Coast port and collected a batch of empty containers from CMA CGM and transported it to Rotterdam. "Due to the continued impact of the new crown virus pandemic, coupled with the container throughput of some ports in the United Kingdom that is 30% higher than normal, the entire United Kingdom has too many empty containers. At the same time, add those who wish to stock up before Christmas. Merchant, you will have a headache for the container.” The freight forwarder said. Steve Williams, Portico Operations Director, said: "We are very happy to do our part to help solve this problem. This problem is disrupting the global supply chain and hindering recovery from the new coronavirus pandemic. Economy."