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Delay in customs clearance? These points must pay attention to!

Customs clearance refers to a process in which the goods are imported, exported or transshipped within the territory of a certain country, and they need to follow various laws and regulations. Another word is also called customs clearance. During the period of customs clearance, the goods are under the supervision of the customs and cannot be circulated at will.There must be a reason for the delay in customs clearance. So what are the reasons?




1. The reason of the goods


(1) Goods are prohibited from entry: all countries in the world have goods that are prohibited from entry, such as drugs, guns, ammunition, weapons, etc., which are all familiar to all countries in the world.Animals, plants, meat and books are banned from almost every country.Chinese herbal medicines are banned from entering the United States;Dairy and meat products are prohibited from entering the UK.Singapore bans e-cigarettes;Goods prohibited from entering the country will be detained by the customs or returned directly after arriving at the customs of the destination country.


(2) The goods are famous brands, infringing products: protected by intellectual property rights, when you sell the products, you must have the authorization of the brand, when these products enter the country, the customs will ask for the authorization of the brand, if not, customs clearance will be delayed, customs confiscate the goods, or even directly ordered to return.


(3) the goods for powder, liquid, and charged: sensitive cargo must clear, powder, liquid, charged with magnetic, solid and other sensitive goods, the customs inspection probability is higher than general cargo, customs clearance time than general cargo, when customs clearance, these products usually delays, suggest the seller before sending these products, be sure to ask whether the recipient has the ability to customs clearance.



2. Agent or owner's own reasons


(1) the goods do not specification complete information to fill in incomplete: the agent or the owner of the goods itself to fill in the incomplete information, documents, such as product quantity is not correct, the product name write at random (such as the product itself is shoes, declare name write clothes), declared value do not tally with the actual value (many sellers have experienced the practice, in order to let the recipient less pay tax or exemption from taxes, the declared value of the goods at a lower, but if too far lower will attract the attention of the customs, lead to customs clearance delays).If the commercial invoice is incomplete, the sender should provide a new complete commercial invoice.


(2) Logistics and transportation mode: In order to save freight and earn the recipient's freight difference, the seller chooses the logistics and transportation channel with low price and long transportation time. The cheaper the price, the longer the transportation time, the slower the customs processing speed and the more likely the goods will be lost.



3. Customs reasons


(1) Routine customs inspection: Routine inspection of goods on spot check by the Customs. If your goods are found on spot check, you have to wait without any assistance from the recipient. The routine inspection can be completed within 1-3 working days, and the goods will be released if the Customs thinks there is no problem.


(2) Taxation: The customs considers that the declared value of your goods does not match the actual value, so the addressee needs to clear the customs.If your declared value is the same as the value of the goods, but the customs thinks it is different, in this case, just go to customs clearance with the proof of the value of the goods.If the declared value of your goods is really inconsistent with the actual value, underreport or overreport, which is detected by the customs, then the addressee needs to pay the duty.


(3) Black customs: Some countries and regions of the customs is relatively black, in order to make money, even if there is no problem with your goods, he will give you a tax, is not to give you customs clearance, after you pay the tax will give you.



4. Reason of recipient


(1) Not willing to pay tax: the goods need to pay tax, the tax is too high or the tax has exceeded the value of the goods itself, the recipient is not willing to pay the high tax, not to pay tax clearance, the goods are stored in the customs, until the deadline for customs clearance, the customs will be auctioned or returned.


(2) The recipient does not have the relevant documents: for example, the recipient does not have the import license, and the recipient cannot provide the required customs clearance documents, resulting in the delay of customs clearance.


(3) Cheater buyers: some foreign cheater buyers, in order to get the goods for free, deliberately not clear the customs, do not pay taxes, so let the goods have been put, and then the seller on the tax issue.Or they do not sign for the goods, because they know that the return freight is very expensive and the sender is unwilling to return the goods. The recipient tells the sender to return the goods, which justifies the claim of getting the goods free of charge.Or one time to buy more than one product, choose the small package series of logistics transport, we all know, the small package transport is slow, the logistics information update is slow or even no information, even if the cheat buyer received the goods, also can tell the sender he did not receive the goods, ask for a refund.



5. Other reasons


(1) Environment: such as customs strike, port workers strike, airport workers strike, logistics personnel strike;Or the occurrence of natural disasters or wars.


(2) Policies: Some countries have slow customs clearance speed, slow customs clearance efficiency and complicated customs clearance procedures, such as Brazil.Or the corresponding national policy, the customs clearance must be how clear, how clear.