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Export "explosive orders"! Bicycle companies have ordered orders until next year, and they only hate that containers are too expensive and difficult to recruit

In the foreign trade industry in 2020, there is a popular phrase: "masks in February, forehead guns in March, meltblown cloth in April, helmets in May, and bicycles in June." The development of the industry is driven by the outbreak of demand. The scene has been staged repeatedly this year.

According to a report by the Securities Times, relevant data from Alibaba International Station showed that the bicycle industry's export bursts "returned" in the third quarter. There are also data showing that in July, there were 18,538 registered bicycle manufacturers nationwide, and 15,540, 15,730, and 1,1024 were added from August to October.

Orders in hand have been scheduled to next year
Insiders: The epidemic is just one of the reasons

Earlier this month, the Consumer Daily cited data from the China Bicycle Association that in the first half of 2020, in the first half of 2020, in the 19 major industries of the light industry, the operating income of four industries including bicycles (including electric bicycles) achieved year-on-year growth.

In terms of exports, due to the special advantages of bicycles and electric bicycles under the epidemic, their sales in many European and American countries have increased significantly. Since April, the industry's exports have continued to grow month-on-month, and the total export value in the third quarter is expected to be the same as last year and even achieve growth.

The Securities Times reported that Luo Ju, the business general manager of Shanghai Phoenix Import and Export Co., Ltd., stated that “the orders we have in hand have been scheduled until July 2021” and that “domestic orders were also increasing during the epidemic, and domestic orders surged in April. With the spread of the overseas epidemic, overseas demand began to recover in June."

Li Qing, Chairman of Eluta Bicycles (Tianjin) Co., Ltd., which also focuses on the export of bicycles, said, "Since this year, the number of bicycle orders has increased by 10 times from June to September compared with last year. It is more than 13 times the same period last year. The order is currently scheduled to April next year. The company dared not stop processing bicycles for a moment. Workers worked overtime until more than 10 o'clock every night and looked for other factories in the local area for processing.

According to data from Made-in-China.com, from January to May 2020, the two-wheeler industry (including bicycles, motorcycles, electric vehicles) inquiries rose by 65%, of which bicycles rose by 171%.

Among the top ten countries in terms of bicycle exports in the first half of the year, the growth rate of exports to the United States was better than expected. Vietnam and South Korea maintained strong growth. Among them, exports to the United States were 6.116 million vehicles, a year-on-year increase of 8.4%; exports to Vietnam were 784,000 vehicles, a year-on-year increase of 72.6%; exports to South Korea were 734,000 vehicles, a year-on-year increase of 37.4%.

Export faces series of pressure

However, there are still pain points under the explosive order. Luo Ju frankly said that the current difficulties are the shortage of containers, the increase in transportation costs, and the impact of delivery time; secondly, the difficulty in recruiting is also a major pain point facing the manufacturing industry in the post-epidemic era. In addition, the appreciation of the renminbi puts relatively greater pressure on domestic export companies.

When the overseas epidemic has not been effectively controlled, home office has become the norm, and the "home economy" related products represented by furniture and home appliances have exploded. Then why bicycles are also being looted?

An industry person who did not want to be named believes that with the spread of the new crown epidemic in Europe and the United States, gyms are closed one after another, public transportation is full of hidden dangers, and overseas consumers have chosen bicycles as a way of exercise and travel.

Luo Liu believes that the epidemic may only be a stimulus, not the main reason. First of all, the epidemic has affected the suspension of public transportation, and the confined space of private cars is not conducive to epidemic prevention. Bicycles save energy and reduce emissions to avoid congestion and become the first choice for purchasing transportation. Secondly, governments of all countries have seen the necessity of bicycles. European and American countries have subsidies for bicycle purchase and the construction of bicycle lanes.

In addition, in the past, some other countries also sold bicycles to major bicycle importing countries. Due to the stagnation of local productivity in the epidemic, China's resumption of work and production is leading the world, and the world is importing bicycles from China. The most important point is that European countries have their own bicycle culture and overseas consumers' pursuit of health has made the demand for bicycles soar.