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How did I become the designated shipping forwarder for the Philippine customer

How did I become the designated shipping forwarder for the Philippine customer


Once cooperate with Sunny Worldwide Logistics, you will choose her all life. When I first read this sentence in Sunny Worldwide Logistics , I thought it was huge joke. Until I met my Philippine customer Mr. Roca, I understand that this sentence was actually done by our Sunny Worldwide logistics people.


Many of our logistics counterparts are able to make one profit by one profit for foreign customers, never thinking long time cooperation. It is fast food culture and fast consumption culture now. But we Sunny Worldwide logistics to customers like the ancient daughter-in-law, loyal to her husband, a lifetime together.Although modern people look down upon, but to the customer loyalty is our Sunny Worldwide logistics motto.


This is Aaron ,In May of 2020, I work as usaul ,An enquiry came in, I have to reply briefly and politely, he said he is Mr Roca and need help, Thirty days ago, the goods had been produced. Since he did not have import license, the goods could not be transported. They were placed in the supplier’s factory. The factory found several shipping forwarders, but the problem could not be solved very well.he said it is very urgent now.

I told him that we have a door to door shipping from China to Philippines. Including China and Philippines custom clearance, duty and tax, and without any extra fee. his supplier sent cargoes to our Guangzhou warehouse is ok. When Philippines custom clearance is finished ,our Manila staff will contact her to pick up cargoes, Although he was a little suspicious of being fooled and deceived. I showed a video of our company’s office. I took a photo with my colleagues and told him that our company has been established for 20 years. It is impossible for him to damage the company’s reputation because of his payment.


Since he has multiple suppliers, in order to avoid the extra warehouse charge, I coordinated multiple delivery times, and made a mark to paste the supplier to distinguish, to facilitate tracking and searching during the transportation of goods.


I shipped the goods to Manila in a safe, smooth and timely manner. Since then, he has directly contacted me for every shipment. I clearly remember that ddp was paid to me by his supplier. I had received the payment from the supplier before the goods were shipped, he paid me again, and I told him truthfully that the supplier had already paid. Integrity management and creating benefits for customers all are our tenet. He is very happy. From then on, I became his shipping agent in China and came to me for almost everything.



 I asked why you always choose me as your freight forwarder. He said that after the goods are handed over to me, he can do other things without interruption.


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Once cooperate with Sunny Worldwide Logistics, you will choose her all life.