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How does Sunny worldwide logistics to find the 5 cartons lost cargo for the Canadian customers

2020 is destined to be an extraordinary year. From the continuing riots in Hong Kong in 2019, and then to the sudden emergence of the new crown virus in the Spring Festival, everyone can’t leave their house, making the year of the rat the real "rat" year.

sunny worldwide logistics

On January 14th, I received a booking, this is air cargo from Shenzhen Airport to Canada, I quickly booked flight 19 for the customer, pre-preparation, delivery and warehouse, customs declaration, all went smoothly On the 19th, we found on the CA website that 10 pieces of cargo had only 5 pieces of manifest information. We immediately contacted the carrier and they replied: "The goods were flown out in batches, and it is certain that they are all flying to Beijing. It’s on the way, it’s just that there is less cargo information recorded on their system at the cargo terminal.” We knew that we also relaxed a bit, and just let them re-record the information. On the 21st, we did not update the information on the website. We asked Carrier again. The five unrecorded goods are already in the Beijing cargo terminal, just because the cargo station bursts are not scheduled for the second journey in time. Because it was at the beginning of the Spring Festival, it is inevitable that the cargo station bursts. It is inevitable that we also personally call the Shenzhen cargo station. They also confirmed that there is a record of the goods leaving the port. On the 25th, our foreign agent said that we received only 5 cartons of cargo transfer information. On the 28th, the 5 pieces of the first flight had arrived at the YYZ airport. Because the guests were urging, we contacted The guest negotiated and said that the five items arriving in Hong Kong would be delivered to the customer first.


sunny worldwide logistics

 At this time, the country also issued an order to prevent any virus outbreak, all non-essential personnel can not go out, it is understood that the large Beijing cargo station at that time, only 1-2 people on duty every day to clear the goods, which made us look for The difficulty of the goods has been upgraded again. On 2/9, Beijing reported that the goods station has been emptied, but the goods have not been found. The carrier also sent us a notice of lost goods, to be honest, but I have to give up looking Yes, but after our business manager knew this, we were contacting CA customer service, Shenzhen freight station, Beijing freight station for a few days. Finally, on February 15th, CA customer service responded to us that the 5 missing items were recovered. , The goods are already at IAD's transfer station, but need to send a shipping manifest to Beijing side because of the time difference problem, the goods were not transferred by truck until February 17th, and the agent was very Quickly help us clear the customs, and it will be delivered to the guests smoothly the next day.

  Nothing is impossible,I believe that it is really because of the spirit of Sunny worldwide Logistics that it does not abandon and do not give up, so that this goods can be recovered smoothly, and we must also praise our  destination agents, because they are professional, so that the goods can be delivered in time to customer.