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Instead of picking up a suitcase from a truck, you pick it up by boat?

A few days ago, a batch of imported containers were transferred from the east to Haida Wharf waterway lightering in the island to the new Haida Wharf in Haicang outside the island and directly handed over to a local enterprise, which changed the previous tedious process of "taking containers from the wharf on the island and transporting them across the island by trailer", thus further reducing logistics costs and reducing traffic pressure in the city.



It is reported that this business not only relies on the coordination of port logistics resources of Xiamen Port Affairs Holding Group, but also gets the support of "water virtual bayonet" implemented by customs and other port departments, and has innovated and opened up a new mode of "blue highway" in the port.


"In dongdu, haicang, xiamen container terminal distribution xiang AnLiu five shops, zhangzhou ZhaoYin port, is more dispersed, at the same time, due to the container routes affiliated terminal coordinated with ShuYun direction is difficult to match, foreign trade container previously only in unloading port suitcase, again through the trailer by using trucks or Marine tankers, high cost, also bring pressure traffic across the island."Xiamen Port Holding group said the relevant person in charge.


Under the new mode, the customs has released the container, only the intelligent monitoring system of virtual "bayonet" water after verification release data, can from water is by barge terminal box - which make originally only load transfer foreign trade port transfer business breakthrough, across the harbor area foreign trade container to efficient ShuYun in Hong Kong.


The operation of the "blue highway" in Hong Kong has not only effectively alleviated the cross-island traffic pressure and further promoted the integrated development of Hong Kong and the city, but also effectively reduced the comprehensive logistics cost and improved the logistics efficiency, thus contributing to the "six stability" and "six guarantees".In the next step, Xiamen Port will continue to innovate and develop, give play to the port as the driving force and radiation force of logistics node, and help create a new development pattern of "double cycle".