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Los Angeles port congestion: truck drivers or strike

Although the peak holiday season in the United States has not yet arrived, sellers are trying to prepare for the November and December shopping months in advance, and the momentum of the peak freight season has begun to appear, and port congestion has become increasingly serious.
August is usually the peak month for maritime transportation. With the increase in the volume of shipments, the shipping space is now bursting, trailers are tight, and container dumping is serious, and ocean freight is continuing to increase. It is understood that many of Amazon's goods are now backlogged in Los Angeles warehouses, and the processing center is overloaded.
A person familiar with the matter said that due to the large number of cargo sent to Los Angeles by sea, the port and terminals were congested, and the supply of truck drivers exceeded demand. Due to the large amount of goods and the few drivers, the current supply and demand relationship of Los Angeles trucks in the United States is extremely unbalanced. The freight rate of long-distance trucks in August has soared to the highest in history.
To make matters worse, the American Trucking Association (ATA)'s Intermodal Automobile Carriers Chamber (IMCC) filed a lawsuit against foreign shipping companies for "illegal actions".
Bill Sullivan, ATA’s executive vice president in charge of advocacy: “These shipping companies prevent truck drivers from choosing equipment suppliers in ports and inland areas, and require truck drivers to use specific chassis, which forces American truck drivers And American consumers have subsidized nearly $1.8 billion in the past three years alone."
Sullivan said: "This situation must end. After several attempts to reach a mutually beneficial solution, we are now asking FMC to solve this problem. Otherwise, the truck drivers will plan a strike."