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Mask Shipping Order Rise UP | Sunny Worldwide Logistics Limited

Sunny Worldwide Logistics Limited, Taking Care of the Cargo More Than the Owner.


Export orders for masks skyrocketed in April.

This year, most of the foreign trade exports have been affected by the epidemic. With the outbreak of the epidemic abroad, the demand for masks has also increased sharply. As a major manufacturer of masks, China has also provided assistance and support to other countries in the fight against the epidemic.Since the resumption of work in mid-March, SUNNY WORLDWIDE LOGISTICS(SHENZHEN)LIMITED have successively received orders for the export of epidemic prevention materials. Affected by the epidemic situation, the export of medical supplies by China's customs is also subject to strict control. The export of epidemic prevention materials has been constantly revised, and the requirements for qualification documents have become more and more stringent.

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At the end of March, ANNA received 1*20GP container from a new customer from Shekou to Japan for shipping to the port, which was an order for the export of civilian masks. This was also the first time for me to export epidemic prevention materials, and I followed up with great care during the operation.Special case for epidemic prevention materials at the same time, the company's every colleagues are on the lookout for export policy, accumulating learning, export managers and executives organizations share epidemic prevention training, actively cooperate with company's business and operations, asking customers to collect the corresponding qualification documents, ensure the guest's documents with our arrange booking in time,release the SO for the guests in time.The supplier is in Guangzhou, and the customer requires our company to arrange the trailer customs clearance.


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After communicating with the customer, we will pull the goods from Guangzhou to Shekou port, because the supplier's mask production line is in a rush.Plant is expected to ark of shipment is good and owner of the feeding time miss, we and the single owner to apply for the latest time at the same time, in front of the weighing data were confirmed in advance, we also arrange trailer weighing confirm good final data in a timely manner to provide supplementary food to owner side, before the cut off schedule also after tank trailer customs declaration colleagues and also closely linked to the customs broker to arrange customs clearance.Packaging pictures and product pictures provided by the customer are complete. We will send them to the customs broker for review and the customer will timely report the progress of customs declaration. With the active cooperation of the guests, this small cabinet was also released successfully under our close follow-up.

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New guests are satisfied with our first cooperation, in the end of march to April supplier increase masks production, export the2*20GP in succession, the subsequent volumes increase and book the tall ark cabinet type, let's follow up to door service, 3*40HQ to door and a ticket bulk to the door, two of the tall ark to door is just the day before the May Day holiday to Hong Kong, and Japan May Day holiday, the guests have a delivery time delivery is afraid of no one, we and foreign agents also has stressed on the 29th to arrange customs clearance before May 1 as far as possible to send to the door.


The agent told us that it was too late to arrange one day. In constant communication, we can add money to the delivery driver and timely deliver the goods to the door on May 1st.Finally, the customer also received the goods on time, helped the customer to export the goods, so that the epidemic prevention materials could be timely delivered to the countries in need of masks.