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note! The country’s largest port is heavily congested! The arrival of the goods faces a delay of more than 30 days!

It is understood that, according to a survey conducted by Lagos’ Daily Trust, the port of Apapa, Nigeria’s largest port, often suffers from severe congestion. The container fleet has been waiting outside the port for months just to queue for entry.

Nigeria currently has 15 ports, of which Apapa Port is the largest port. One-third of the country's import and export goods are loaded and unloaded from here, so Nigerians call it the "Prime Port".

Port code: NGAPA

Route: West Africa Line

Berths: 54

Coastline length: 4120 meters

Maximum water depth: 13.3 meters

Nigerian truck drivers are currently very worried. They are frustrated with the deteriorating traffic conditions at the port and terminal.

However, the leaders of the region, including the presidential working group led by Vice President Yemi Osinbajo, answered the situation and stated that the situation is normal.

The roads leading to the port of Lagos are in serious congestion. There are endless long queues of trucks. Drivers all hope to reach the port area as soon as possible, put down export containers or pick up imported containers.

During this time, the drivers have been staying on the muddy and dirty itinerary. Due to the heavy rain in the area, the road conditions have deteriorated. They bathed, ate and slept in the area at night, waiting to be allowed to enter the port.

It is worth noting that, as the largest economy in Africa, Nigeria has been stuck in the quagmire of port congestion. Some foreign media have even described Nigeria as being stuck in "unending" port congestion.

Poor access roads and long waits at port entrances often cause container trucks that are tens of kilometers long to jam. Make the transportation cost high in some ports of the country.

APAPA Apapa Port is adjacent to Tincan Port, and is located on the mainland coast on the west side of the entry channel. The port is open and is one of the most modernized ports in Africa.

Finally, I would like to emphasize that if there are freight forwarders and foreign traders who trade in goods at the port of the country, you need to pay urgent attention. Check whether your goods have been successfully picked up at the port. It is recommended to contact your consignee directly to avoid economic losses. .