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Note to Amazon sellers: Brexit will lead to taxes

The UK will formally leave the single market and the customs union on January 1, 2021, according to the official WeChat official account of amazon global stores on July 15, although negotiations with the eu, including determining specific tariffs to be applied in different situations, are still under way.



However, from 1 January 2021, there will be a new customs border between the UK and the EU.This would have implications for cross-border business between the UK and the EU.As a result, Amazon suggests that amazon logistics will not be able to deliver goods across the UK-EU border using the European Distribution Network (EFN). If sellers need to fulfill their orders across the border, they need to ensure that all required customs clearance and all taxes and duties are paid before they can deliver to buyers.


On the inventory front, Amazon said that while trans-shipments of amazon's Pan-EU logistics inventory between the UK and the EU would stop, the integrated service would continue to transport inventory across the EU to support sellers' sales at its Sites in Germany, France, Italy and Spain.In response, Amazon suggested that sellers consider splitting their inventory and shipping it to amazon's UK and EU operations.


As for products directly sent by Chinese sellers to Amazon's operations centers in the UK or the EU, Amazon said that as it does not involve cross-border delivery, neither inventory service nor self-delivery orders will be affected.