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Peak shipments before the holiday! Serious congestion at Yantian Wharf! A large backlog of heavy cabinets! Traffic control is adopted for trailers entering the port...

The peak shipment of years ago has been urgently reached!

The Yantian International Terminal, which recently exceeded 200 million TEUs, is performing the last madness of years ago. From last year to this year, the lack of cabins, containers and trailers continued, and the misery for foreign trade export and forwarding companies is still to come.

It is reported that due to a large number of factories in the Pearl River Delta region rushing to deliver goods before the year, the workload of the Yantian International Terminal has increased significantly. The heavy container stacking of the Yantian Terminal has reached the limit, and the Yanpai Expressway and the Mingzhu Avenue of the port channel have been congested in the direction of the port. phenomenon!

On February 4th, the Shugang Passage has been restricted, with east in and east out (gate B) and west in and west out (gate A). If it is not necessary, you should avoid Yanpai Expressway, Huiyan Expressway (Beishan Road and Mingzhu Road) and Yanba Expressway when you travel in the past year to avoid delaying your trip.

Relevant departments increase pavement inspections and diversion efforts
▍Important notice from Yantian traffic police in Shenzhen: Strategy for container vehicles entering Yantian Port

The Yantian Traffic Police Brigade decided to take necessary temporary traffic control measures. Temporary traffic control was adopted at the intersection of Beishan Road, Yong'an Road, Wutongshan Avenue, Yantian Road, Yanpai Expressway, Wutongshan Interchange, and the eastbound ramp of Beishan Road of Huishen Coastal Expressway, and container vehicles were not allowed to drive. Into.

After adjustment, enter the route of Yantian Port
1. Enter Gate A from north to south on Yanpai Expressway;

2. From north to south on Mingzhu Avenue, enter Gate B;

3. From the westbound direction of Huishen Coastal Expressway, get off at Beishan Interchange and go south to Gate B of Mingzhu Interchange;

4. The container truck in the direction of Yantian'ao Tunnel turns to the south of Mingzhu Avenue via Yong'an Road and enters Gate B.

In addition, according to the latest situation report of the terminal, the terminal currently stores nearly 300,000 TEUs of heavy containers, a record high, and the storage density has almost reached the limit.

Some analysts pointed out that due to the backflow effect of port congestion delays in European and American ports, the normal operation time of flights calling at Yantian has been affected. As a result, the storage period of heavy containers at the terminal has been extended from 3-5 days to nearly 10 days. The impact of terminal turnover is serious. The dock has reached the limit for stacking heavy cabinets.

According to the feedback from the Shenzhen Container Trailer Transportation Association based on the communication with the Yantian Terminal, the Yantian Terminal has reached the limit of stacking heavy containers, and all the places that can be stacked are full.

The relevant person in charge of Yantian International stated that some heavy cabinets will be arranged to be transferred to the DP yard and other outfields in order to move more heavy containers in the terminal. It will take 2-3 days to alleviate the serious queuing situation. Later, Yantian International will meet with the secretary The Office issued a statement on the Port Congestion situation, and hope that everyone will communicate with customers as much as possible to post the shipment after the year, so as to calm the drivers to wait patiently in line, do not go to the congestion, and avoid unnecessary troubles and disputes. The difficulties are temporary.

The current extreme congestion situation is expected to be relieved by the terminal from next week.

In addition to Shenzhen Yantian Port, Shanghai Port and other important ports are expected to be no exception. Port blockage, yard blockage, road blockage. Due to the concentrated shipments before the holiday and a large number of truck drivers returning home for the New Year, the truck capacity of the trailer business in various places has dropped sharply. Recently, it is also difficult to find a car and it is difficult to find a car at a high price.

I would like to remind you that the consignor and freight forwarder must arrange the shipment reasonably in advance, so as to avoid not being able to pick up the cabinet and affecting the shipment!