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shipping from China to France door to door

The French government attaches great importance to infrastructure construction and has complete transportation conditions, so that the French logistics industry has been well used and developed in various means such as sea, land, air, river and rail transportation. The logistics structure is reasonable and the proportion is coordinated. .

  Air transport: French air transport ranks fifth in the world, and Europe ranks third. The cargo volume at Paris Airport alone accounts for 20% of the total EU air freight. Airfreight in France is growing at an annual growth rate of 6%. The turnover of 250 air freight agents, 640 business websites and 450 overseas institutions made up of industry insiders is USD 760 million. There are 27 airports in France serving 130 countries, with 6,200 weekly flights. Fedex, the US comprehensive operator, has established the largest overseas platform hub at Charles de Gaulle Airport, with 77,000 square meters of warehousing and 2,000 employees (2006). Air transportation in Paris has grown steadily, far exceeding its European neighbors .

Road transport: France has 966,000 kilometers of roads, of which 10,380 kilometers are highways, the best maintained in Europe, and the roads with the least congestion (average vehicle density per kilometer per unit: 30 in France, 44 in EU countries, and 65 in Germany) ). The road transport industry is highly fragmented, with 37,000 companies and 296,000 employees, 75% of whom are drivers. In the past 20 years, the volume of road freight has been steadily increasing, but the number of trucks in the transportation fleet has not increased during the same period, about 540,000, which not only shows the scale of the French economy, but also reflects the improvement of its productivity and the strengthening of organizational resilience. . 82% of the freight of French companies is subcontracted to transport companies, and their average distance is 131 kilometers at a time. The remaining 18% of the transportation is done by the company itself, with an average distance of 42 kilometers.

Railway freight: French railways are all national capital. The French railway company (SNCF) is the sole operator of the railway. France Railway has 31,800 kilometers of existing business lines. The cumulative freight volume of railways is more than 55 billion tons kilometers, of which 24% of the goods are combined by rail and railway. , The market share in the European market is 14%.