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Star Shipping is committed to digital shipping by establishing a cyber security company

According to Souhang.com, the Israeli shipping company ZIM announced that it has partnered with cyber security expert Konfidas to establish a new subsidiary ZKCyberStar.

The new company will provide a full range of cyber security services tailored to the maritime industry, and ensure business continuity in the event of a cyber attack, and prepare and defend against cyber attacks to the greatest extent.

ZKCyberStar will provide a set of services to support operational cybersecurity operations preparations, including cyber and regulatory posture, strategy and planning, cyber awareness and executive training, incident response capabilities, supply chain risk management, continuous threat intelligence, regulatory alerts and briefings Wait.

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It is reported that ZKCyberStar will be CEO Ronen Meroz, the current global multimodal transport department manager of ZKCyberStar. In addition, international cybersecurity expert Ram Levi and Konfidas co-founder and COO Eli Zillberman Caspi will also enter the management.

Eli Glickman, President and CEO of ZIM, said: "I decided to create ZKCyberStar to leverage our long-term partnership with Konfidas top cybersecurity experts to provide support and advice to the shipping industry."

Ram Levi, founder and CEO of Konfidas, said: "As we move towards highly networked and increasingly automated systems, cyber security must become a top priority. Our unique partnership with container shipping leader ZIM will enable ZKCyberStar Rely on global expertise and implementation capabilities to provide customers with powerful cyber security solutions."

ZIM stated that cyber attacks have always been a long-term challenge for the industry, and the Covid-19 pandemic has exacerbated this challenge. Yixing believes that the ongoing digitization of the shipping industry has increased the industry’s risk of cyber attacks, and these attacks may cause huge damage and cause huge losses.

International cyber security expert Ram Levi agreed and warned: “In recent years, cyber attacks on the marine and logistics industries have been on an unprecedented rise. These attacks have sounded the alarm for industries that are vital to modern trade and commerce.”

Earlier this month, ZIM detailed a new artificial intelligence-based screening software designed to detect and identify incidents of misreporting dangerous goods and hopes to license it to peers. The company is also in a leading position in developing electronic bills of lading for the shipping industry, and ZIM President Glickman is determined to make the company a digital leader among container shipping companies.

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