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Story of cooperation with Libyan guests

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——Sunny Worldwide Logistics

At the beginning of the customer inquiry, it was on May 24th today. The guest is asking about 450KG goods flying from Shanghai to Libya. After some communication, I learned that the goods are a batch of wash cotton, with 5.4CBM/450KG, the value is 2200USD.

Because it was off work on Friday, so the flight department had already left work, I checked the price on the website to the customer, the customer did not say anything at the time, probably because the price is much higher than the value of the goods, it is possible that the guests at that time Being busy with other things.

On the next Monday, the guest told me that he got a lower price and asked if I could do it. So I asked our marketing department Niki to help me find the price. Looking for a circle found that due to the war, no airline can receive Libya goods. We can only regret to tell the guests that we have no way. The guests also expressed understanding that we ended the conversation.

The next day, the guest told me that he found HongKong's flight service to Libya, and we need to help Shanghai - HongKong transport, adhering to the principle of saving costs for customers. We helped our customers find the price of Shanghai direct flights - Hong Kong, and also reported the plan of Shanghai Land Transport - Shenzhen, Shenzhen to arrange Hong Kong cars to cross Hong Kong. Later, the supplier may coordinate the plan with the customer, and then it will be delivered by the supplier-Shenzhen, Shenzhen to arrange Hong Kong to cross the Hong Kong.

When everything is going smoothly, the agent of Hong Kong can't be contacted. It is very anxious. The information on Whatsapp is not light, and the phone can't get through. Helpless I have jet lag with the guests, can only be in the message to the customer to help coordinate the solution. When I finally contacted the Hong Kong agent, I was ignorant of it. Generally, the warehouse entry is required to enter the warehouse number or the warehouse paper. However, due to the delay of the Hong Kong agent, the goods have not been arranged for transit since they arrived in Shenzhen, because they will generate a lot if they are not delivered after arriving in Hong Kong. The extra cost, which is not conducive to customer cost savings. I also explained this situation with the customer. After several twists and turns, I finally got all the information and arranged to cross the port.

At this juncture, the customer's payment agent informed the customer that there was something wrong with their account and all payments were delayed. At this time, I was actually a little panicked, because in the inherent impression, people in war-torn countries will have more or less deceitful behavior because they survive, and if I do not arrange for delivery because I have not received the payment, it will produce more More fees. I did not cover up and told my doubts directly to the customer. The client also understands that in order to dispel my doubts, he has given me his own information, and that the money will be delivered before the goods are delivered. I also chose to trust customers.

Fortunately, the money arrived on the day I delivered the goods. A few days later the customer told me that he received his goods and they were all in good condition, satisfied with our service and the solutions provided, and Tell me that after a week he will have a cabinet and the goods will go by sea. Now I am already his designated freight forwarder.

Therefore, with care, open-minded to provide customers with solutions, solve problems, customers can really feel, and will add color to our future cooperation. When you ship, you can find Sunny Worldwide Logistics, and the logistics and transportation will reach the world.