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Suddenly, a U.S.-line container ship full of Chinese cargo in Maersk encountered bad weather and nearly 100 containers were lost!

After the "ONE APUS" vessel lost/damaged at least 1,816 containers in severe weather on the trans-Pacific route, another American container ship had an accident on this route!
It is reported that on January 16, a container of Maersk named "Maersk Essen" encountered bad weather on its way from Xiamen Port, China to Los Angeles Port, causing the container to fall and damage.
Maersk’s preliminary report indicated that many of the containers on the ship were damaged, and some of them were lost in the sea. Maersk is currently evaluating the selection of a suitable port to berth the ship.
Maersk’s customer notice regarding this incident is as follows:

According to a foreign media report on January 17, a large container ship lost about 100 containers in the North Pacific Ocean on the evening of January 16, when the ship was on its way from China to the United States. After the accident, the ship changed course.

Foreign media reports

"Maersk Essen" round data map
According to the data, "Maersk Essen" has a capacity of 13092TEU and serves Maersk's AE1 route. Before the incident, it had called domestic ports such as Hong Kong, Shenzhen, Yantian, and Xiamen. It was fully loaded with Chinese cargo, and domestic cargo owners might be affected.

The ship schedule
In addition, apart from MAERSK, there may be other shipping companies that share cabins with ALIANÇA, HAMBURG SÜD, HAPAG-LLOYD, MCC, SAFMARINE, SEAGO, and SEALAND. .

The ship information and the co-cabin shipping company
According to Maersk’s official website schedule, the ship was originally scheduled to arrive at the Port of Los Angeles on January 28, 2021. However, in view of the current serious congestion at the US West Port, another accident occurred on the ship and subsequent sailing schedules will be greatly affected.

The latest position of the "Maersk Essen" wheel
In view of the greater impact of the accident on domestic cargo owners, the freight forwarders who have cargo loaded on the ship recently mainly paid attention to the information of the shipping company and ship dynamics in time to understand the delays of the cargo and shipping schedule.
In addition, on November 30, 2020, when ONE’s ship "ONE APUS" sailed on the trans-Pacific route FP2 from Yantian Port in China to Long Beach Port in the United States, at least 1,816 containers were lost due to strong winds, waves, and bad weather. /damage.