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Sunny Worldwide Logistics third quarter and fourth quarter planning meeting held perfectly

Sunny Worldwide Logistics logistics held the third quarter and fourth quarter planning meeting on Saturday, October 24, 2020. All members of the business department, customer service department, commerce department, administration department, promotion department and finance department attended the meeting.


At this meeting, the host Luna (Xiao Danhua) presided over the whole meeting, and grasped and controlled the whole process of the meeting, and assistant Homles (Gao Sisi) assisted in the whole process. In the morning, the relevant members of the administration department, finance department, commerce department, promotion department and operation Department summarize the plans of the third quarter and the fourth quarter in turn, and in the afternoon, the three business groups and customer service departments will make a perfect summary of their performance in the third quarter and customer follow-up.

sunny worldwide logistics

After the members of each department have finished speaking, the supervisors of corresponding departments will make corresponding comments and summary. The third quarter summary of each process is closely linked under the strong control of the host Luna, and the time node is very appropriate. During the meeting, Esther (Li Yiting), the business assistant, showed the elaborate PPT and the theme content of PPT, focusing on the work recorded by the employees of hongmingda logistics in July, August and September in the third quarter of 2020.


When watching the PPT, all departments can see their busy figure in July, August and September. I believe that they will flash in their minds the memories of working in the third quarter of 2020, and everyone's heart is full of little by little understanding and experience of their own growth.

sunny worldwide logistics

Especially in the business department, in the third quarter, the volume of goods received was more than one. Trucks pulled one truck after another, and cabinets pulled one cabinet after another. As a salesman sitting in a class a high-grade office building with an area of 1800 square meters every day, looking at the working appearance of urban white-collar elites, most of the heavy goods can be carried, moved, helped and helped each other, and maintained every day Passion and blood.

Sunny Worldwide Logistics

Of course, as a colleague who sticks to the logistics related departments, he is still conscientious and conscientious in his own post. He takes his work seriously and completes the work assigned by the leader. Every partner in the logistics post is a cluster of stars. It is because of the stars that the front and rear can be illuminated.


In the comment section, what is impressive is the comment from sister yang to Michael: serving VIP customers well is not a matter of one person, but a matter of the company's system; the comment of sister Liu to Joey: high efficiency and high mentality.

Sunny Worldwide Logistics


At the end of the meeting, the company specially called everyone to go to "Xi Youji" for a group dinner. Under the careful arrangement of Lee, member of the company's administrative department, the dining place was selected with a unique style and a sense of high-level. Under the antique environment, every dish served by the waiters looked so colorful, delicious and delicious!

This dinner, we open their hearts and enjoy the wine, the whole atmosphere is very happy and active.


Sunny Worldwide Logistics


Finally, the third and fourth quarter planning meeting of Sunny Worldwide Logistics was successfully held.

In the fourth quarter of 2020, Sunny Worldwide Logistics would like every member to live up to their time and self, and forge ahead. Let's refuel together!


The quarterly summary is a double check. It summarizes the past experience and optimizes the process. Everyone has different flash points. By listening to the sharing among colleagues, we can learn useful experience and improve our own shortcomings.


In 2020, the epidemic situation is both dangerous and organic. At present, the logistics industry is faced with such difficult conditions as warehouse explosion, port congestion, shortage of containers, and rising freight rates. Sunny Worldwide Logistics will face and overcome difficulties together with its customers and make breakthroughs again and again.