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Sunny Worldwide Logistics to share with you the current international shipping, air transport market situation

With the continuous outbreak of new crown disease in the United States, more than 13.22 million cases of pneumonia have been reported in the United States. Due to this, the major airports such as lax and ord on the US line have been overstocked seriously and the staff are extremely short. As a result, the unloading speed of air cargo is very slow.

In order to cope with this situation, the major airlines have gradually reduced their capacity to the United States, but judging from the current situation, there is little possibility of mitigation in the short term. Given that this situation is far beyond the control of airlines, the airlines will not be able to accept any claim due to slow tally at the port of destination.

Therefore, in view of this international logistics market trend, Niki of Sunny Worldwide logistics and Commerce Department will analyze and share the latest situation of position prices in the national shipping and air transportation markets.

1. International air transport market

Due to ord / JFK / lax, the three major transportation hubs in the United States, the cargo terminal tally at the destination port has been delayed.
In addition, large-scale new coronavirus infection occurred in the cargo terminal of LAX Airport, and the operation capacity was greatly reduced, basically in a semi paralyzed state;

Ca / mu / part of the market charter flights are the most serious. The goods arrived at the station and tallied nearly 9 days without sorting them out. The phone calls were all blown up. Basically, no one could be contacted and could not reply. The CA Airlines Company informed the grounded flight for 10 days and made every effort to clean up the cargo piled up at the destination port.

At present, CI / BR / Ke / oz / PO / CZ freighters are flying normally, and the current tally speed can be mentioned in 1-2 working days,
The service provided by these airlines is better, and the prices are relatively expensive. If you go to west America, these airlines can consider it.  

Fra / LHR in Europe is also very short, positions need to be reserved 8 days in advance.

It is due to the impact of the grounded transport capacity reduction and pre Christmas rush cargo transportation and other factors, the international air logistics costs are expected to continue to rise in the next three months.

2. International shipping market

Our main freight market is Europe, America, Australia and Southeast Asia. According to our foreign partners' first-hand on-the-spot information, at present these market ports have been basically occupied.

There are serious congestion at Sydney / LA / lb / Felixstowe / Southampton terminals in Australia, and a series of prices related to related marine services have been rising. In particular, the price of 500 / 1000 US dollars in the United Kingdom has risen sharply recently with temporary price adjustment of various items. In addition, due to the shortage of containers in Southeast Asia, the freight charges have doubled several times, which is the most serious increase The route.

The booking of the whole line needs to be arranged more than 20 days in advance. For the goods with time limitation, please give the delivery date, and give the delivery plan in advance to find the appropriate shipping plan.

At present, the operation capacity of Meisen and Zim express ships at the port of destination + the lack of bracket causes the unloading and lifting of containers also delayed.

Don't use the previous time limit to budget service. Now it takes 40 days to arrive at the port in Sydney / Australia / LA / 30 days after the ship leaves, the container can only be picked up by Macy
For the current severe situation of international logistics, hongmingda logistics also reminds our customers to treasure and go away as soon as possible, because there is a position now, it is not necessarily possible to mention the cabinet. It is also suggested that customers should consider the possible impact of the situation on your goods and arrange the shipment in advance.

Finally, I would like to remind you not to hope that the price will fall after Christmas, because after Christmas, there will be a large-scale shipment before the year, and the problem of container shortage will not be alleviated at the end of the year. Container shortages are expected to continue into April next year.