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The traffic efficiency of China-Europe freight train port has been improved

The General Administration of Customs recently launched the railway manifest system and railway transport system at ports across the country to promote the paperless operation of railway ports, reduce the frequency and cost of customs declaration.



After the system is launched, the information of inbound and outbound railway freight documents related to customs supervision can be declared paperless through the system. Compared with the original business operation mode, paper operations such as sending staff to deliver documents on site and manual verification and confirmation of customs can be reduced.According to the characteristics of railway freight transportation system to provide the function of railway manifest merge, allowing the same entry-exit ports, the same date of inbound and outbound, in the same train, the consignee or consignor, the same contract, railway bill of goods more of the same name ticket incorporated into a manifest, makes the enterprise to declare a declaration form to complete more than the original copy of the application of customs declaration, the convenient customs clearance at the same time, effectively reduce the customs documents audit work.


According to the statistics of Manzhouli Customs, it used to take 15-20 minutes to normally complete the operation procedures of an outbound train, but now the corresponding document operation is completed in seconds in the system, which significantly improves the passage efficiency of china-Europe freight ports.