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What cargo can't be carried in a sea container?

In fact, most of the goods can be transported by sea in containers, only a few are not suitable.


According to the national "on the development of China's container transport several issues" in the provisions of the container suitable for loading goods for 12 categories, namely, electricity, instruments, small machinery, glass ceramics, arts and crafts;Printed matter and paper, medicine, tobacco, wine, food, daily necessities, chemicals, needles, textiles, hardware, etc.


Which goods can't be transported by container by sea?


1. Fresh goods.For example, live fish and shrimp are transported by sea for a longer period of time than other modes of transportation. If fresh goods are transported by sea in containers, the goods will deteriorate in the process of transportation.


2. If the weight of the goods exceeds the maximum weight of the container, such goods cannot be shipped by container.


3. Extra-large size goods cannot be transported by sea in containers. Some large parts are too high or too wide, so these goods can only be transported by bulk carriers on the hold or deck.


4. The container does not handle military transportation.If the military or military enterprises handle container Marine transportation, they shall handle it according to commercial transportation.If containers owned by themselves are used for military transport, they shall no longer be handled in accordance with the conditions for container transport.


In the transportation of containerized goods, the appropriate container must be selected according to the nature, type, volume, weight and shape of the goods for the safety of the ship, cargo and box.Otherwise, not only some goods can not be carried, but also due to improper selection and resulting in damage.The selection of containers for containerized goods can be considered as follows:


(1) Clean goods and filthy goods: general cargo containers, ventilated containers, open-top containers, refrigerated containers can be used;


(2) Valuable goods and fragile goods: General cargo containers can be used;


(3) Refrigerated goods and perishable goods: refrigerated containers, ventilated containers, heat-insulating containers can be selected;


(4) Bulk cargo: can choose bulk container, can container;


(5) Animals and plants: Select livestock (animal) containers, ventilated containers;


(6) Heavy cargo: open top containers, frame containers, platform containers;


(7) Dangerous goods: General cargo containers, frame containers and refrigerated containers are available.