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Why do Philippine customer trust Jim

Why do many Philippine customers choose Ms JIM from Sunny Worldwide Logistics? Why are 99.9% of the clients she has worked with turned around? Because she is experienced, professional, beautiful, enthusiastic, a member of Sunny Worldwide Logistics, or other reason?

There are more than 30,000, freight forwarders in Shenzhen, with different sizes and different idea. it is difficult for foreign customers to choose a suitable logistics company from so many freight forwarders. I know that many logistics counterparts collect all kinds of goods, with batteries, imitation brand, dangerous goods, etc., they do not care about if the custom clearance is smoothly or not. anyway, the goods are not theirs.For Sunny Worldwide Logistics, which has been engaged in for more than 20 years, and we want to be a freight forwarder with 100 years history. In order to ensure the smooth delivery of each batch of goods to customers, we declare all goods truthfully and provide customers with every step of service.


Mr Chino is my customer in Philippines. At first, the customer just sent a general inquiry, but I did not give up. As always, I sent my business card and team photos, as well as the advantages of our company's Philippines door to door shipping service. he just said great to know it at first, and then there was no reply.

After the greetings were sent, Mr Chino just didn't reply to me, so I sent my business card and the photo of the team again, as well as the advantage of our company's Philippines door to door shipping service, this time he sent me the data of the goods for inquiries. I am very happy of his reply which means that I have a chance.

Maybe my business card and team photos gave Mr Chino a good impression. After he got my quotation, he said that my freight was slightly higher than other freight forwarders, but he was willing to use my service because he thought I was very professional. I also expressed my gratitude and support to him, and told him that I am willing to do free receiving and free storage for his multiple suppliers. Mr Chino felt very great and said that more goods will be shipped from us.

Everything went smoothly, he received his goods in advance 3 days, and gave me a very high evaluation on Alibaba, and introduced another very high-quality customer to me. Mr Chino also used my service again in August.




After reading the above story of my service to Mr Chino, I can understand why the Philippine customers choose me. It is not just because I am a member of Sunny Worldwide Logistics, but also because I am enthusiastic, professional and experienced. I treat every customers order as my own order.


99.9% of the clients she has worked with turned around, if you do not believe, you can have a try. JIM will give you one time of free collecting and free storage for your multiple suppliers.