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Why is the contradiction between container truck and factory gradually deepened? Freight forwarder said: too difficult!

Sunny Worldwide Logistics: Taking care of the cargo more than the owner


Recently, some of our clients make complaints about Tucao.
It's not spring festival now. Why are your cars so nervous?
Why did you say that you would arrive at 2:00 p.m., and why were you late again?

Facing the customers' Tucao, make complaints about the logistics.
And let's also talk about the increasing intuitive conflict between the container fleet and the shipping factory.

1) Loading time is too concentrated, people in the industry understand

There is no list on Saturday, Sunday, January and February, because the shipping schedule is four sections, five sections and six sections.
On Wednesdays, Thursdays and Fridays, the container fleet was usually starved to death. When it was full, the container fleet did not earn enough in the first half of the week and posted it in the second half.
However, for the exporter, he does not necessarily understand the pros and cons of this industry. On the contrary, some of them think that I will do business for you, and you are still talking about it.


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2) The elimination of state-3 vehicles has caused many drivers to abandon their cars and switch to other industries

Due to the shortage of vehicles and the scarcity of drivers, the team owners need to raise the corresponding wages to attract fresh blood to join, but it also forces the company to increase the operating costs, which makes the situation worse.

3) High risk industry, easy to fatigue driving

The better conditions of the master do not want to continue to work hard, how much money has been made, living conditions improved, almost home, after all, the container truck industry is one of the high-risk industries. In fact, there are all kinds of accidents happening every day.


5) The baton can't keep up with it
In theory, it is almost time for a driver to retire, but in the face of the pressure of life, they can't quit and have to support their family.



It may have arrived at a job project undertaken by the 80, 90 generation. No one is willing to work in this industry near the bottom. It is hard to sleep at night, have no social status, and are pure physical and pure labor. It is very understandable that the younger generation is not willing to inherit this career. It is inevitable that their sons will become truck drivers with Laozi for life.

As for the current situation of this industry, the shipper's "why there is no car tomorrow" can't be answered sometimes. In fact, many groups can't feel the hardship and helplessness of the working people at the bottom. How many people have seen the code at two or three o'clock in the morning?

Only through mutual consultation and mutual understanding between the exporter and the fleet can we achieve mutual benefit and long-term development. Optimizing the industrial chain is the call of the times.