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Xi's messages in Shenzhen met with warm responses

The speech that President Xi Jinping delivered in the gathering marking the 40th anniversary of the Shenzhen Special Economic Zone on Wednesday has met with warm responses from many audiences from all walks of life.

Lu Jianxin, chief engineer of China Construction Science and Industry Corp (Southern China), spoke at the gathering as a grassroots representative.

"As Xi pointed out, the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation cannot be achieved easily but through hard work," Lu said.

Shenzhen has demonstrated how China accomplished its achievements of reform and opening-up over decades. The city, with the strong support of the central government, will continue to lead the way for China's socialist modernization through the work of its diligent and innovative residents, Lu added.

In his speech, Xi talked about implementing more open policies to attract and cultivate high-level technological talent and innovative teams from around the world.

Zhan Qimin, Shenzhen Bay Laboratory director and academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering, said that the lab will use more innovative measures to attract talent to enable it to become a world-famous lab.

"We will explore more flexible and effective employment mechanisms to attract talent worldwide to achieve basic research breakthroughs," Zhan said.

Xi highlighted China's determination in comprehensively expanding reform and opening-up.

Wang Dan, chief economist of Hang Seng Bank China, said the Chinese government is clear in its determination to further open up the financial sector. "China hopes to attract foreign investment. We will take advantage of this opportunity to better serve Chinese enterprises and emerging industries.

"Foreign companies' expertise and experience have been indispensable for China's growth over decades," said Maximilian Butek, delegate and chief representative of the Delegation of German Industry and Commerce Guangzhou.

China is Germany's most important trading partner and German companies are committed to the market, he said. "We are all eager to sustain and strengthen existing partnerships."

Based on past experience, Xi said that laws should become an important guarantee for the development of special economic zones.

Shenzhen has worked hard for 40 years to forge the rule of law into one of the strongest core attributes supporting competitiveness, officials said.

"We will further promote cross-border legal cooperation, making open rules and advanced laws a powerful legal engine into the construction of the Greater Bay Area," said Jiang Xilin, head of Shenzhen's judicial bureau.

"Shenzhen will serve as an example as the country builds new systems," said Zhong Yun, director of Jinan University's Institute of Economics in Hong Kong, Macao and Special Economic Zones.

"Looking back on the development process of Shenzhen in the previous four decades, reform, innovation and opening-up have become the key words for Shenzhen's development," Zhong said.