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Zurich guest Chris’s shipment

Opportunities accompany challenges. Sunny Worldwide Logistics can stabilize their positions in the "turbulent times" and maintain their original wish and services in the chaos. we're a freight forwarder, No accident unless natural disaster happens .

A virus intrusion is unpredictable all over the world. When the export of anti-epidemic materials has become a major trend, all we have to do is to constantly learn and strengthen our professional knowledge.

  When Chris first found me, he just asked for a simple quote. Not much effective information was given, and I also give my business cards to him and showed the company's team and company videos. He also expressed their trust in us, and then added WeChat to communicate.

  After a brief greeting, I know that he had stayed in Shanghai for two years and they also knew a little Chinese, so the relationship between the two became even more intimate.

  He intend to purchase hand sanitizer, which needs to be airlifted to Zurich. However, the customer's supplier only has MSDS. Normal air transport hand sanitizer requires MSDS + air transport identification + dangerous package certificate. So he were stumped by this problem.

  But the solution is always more than hardship, so after I asked the customer to provide the cargo data, I went to find a solution with my colleagues. Kungfu paid off, and finally helped customers find the shipping channel.

Everything is ready, just wait for the supplier's goods ready. After contacting the supplier, the supplier said that the goods could be pick up in recent days. So we calculated the nearly flight according to the supplier's good time, and informed the customer. After obtaining the customer's consent, we booked the space.

However, there was an unpredictable situation. On the day of pick up, the supplier suddenly informed that due to lack of manpower, the outer box labels of all the goods had not been affixed. This is very difficult, because you cannot pick up the goods today, which means we can't catch up with the current flight and we need to delay one flight later. Due to the goods ready time of the suppliers, all time points are accurate (Because the customer's goods are also urgently needed)

Moreover, the airline company stipulates that the space fee incurred for failing to catch up with the flight will be charged 100% according to the data of the cargo, which means that the guest has to pay double the freight. This is very unfavorable to the guests, so our group held an emergency meeting to think about the corresponding countermeasures on the issue of the ticket.

  Within half an hour, we found a solution. Because we also had customers goods that needed to be processed before, all of us had our own casual workers, and all of them lived near the supplier s factory, so when we get that the supplier s label paper was sufficient, we urgently contacted these workers, After 4 hours of hard work, all the goods were finally labeled, and the goods were delivered to the warehouse on time to help customers smoothly transport the goods on time.

Afterwards, the guests praised our services and said they would introduce more customers to us.

Emergency solutions must be offered with 30minutes if any.

No accident unless natural disaster happens ; Sunny Worldwide Logistics services for you.